Intercool preventive Maintenance

Why regular AC Cleaning and Disinfection is important especially for homes and offices in Kenya and abroad?

Did you know that while we drink an average of 8 liters of water a day, we breathe in 11,000 liters of air at the same amount of time! Now think about it, if you live in an extreme hot region, you would probably be staying about 80% of the time inside an Air Conditioned place – but do you have any idea what is inside an AC system and Ducts before it even gets to your lungs?

Here are a few reasons why you should have your home or office AC Cleaned and Disinfected:
• In a region like Dubai, UAE, particles of dusts are constantly blown through the air and into your home or office AC system. Dust particles accumulate rapidly in your ducts and usually settles there due to the moist surface brought about by condensing air.
• Moisture from the air condenses in the Evaporator unit of your AC system and ducting, while the dust that gets blown with it sticks to the surfaces creating a breeding ground for moulds.
• AC drainage trays located just beneath the evaporator unit is usually the most ignored part of the AC. Stagnant water collected in the tray can produce moulds within 48 hours and is usually the cause of bad smells from the AC system.
• When evaporator coils are not properly cleaned and disinfected, it can cause resistance or blockage causing the poor performance of your AC system. If the air passages are blocked, the motor will have to work twice as hard to get the room filled with cooler air.
• When AC systems are not cleaned regularly it will not be able to dehumidify the air properly. This will result in a high relative humidity in the room. high relative humidity can cause serious health issues like trigger asthma and other allergic reactions.

Intercool technical services L.L.C
Why you should hire a professional from Intercool technical services L.L.C?

The people living in this highly-polluted world have their bodies contaminated by harmful and poisonous compounds. Though it seem to be impossible for the world to be completely safe from these toxins, experts do not stop looking for some remedies on how to prevent it from forming inside the human body. It is up to you to decide which would be the best for you. Health of your loved ones is your foremost concern over other things. You wouldn’t like your loved ones to suffer from the different sicknesses caused by polluted air.

We have Services that offers you what you need to have a clean air on the environment in which you stay most of the time. Offices, buildings and homes should hire Intercool technical services to help them clean properly all heating and cooling systems they use. A good air breathed – in will never cause any sickness. It is time to get in touch with the company of your choice and try how they work.

Is it important to hire the professional services of Intercool technical services? The answer is definitely yes because they know everything about cleaning all the components of both heating and cooling systems.

• They know how to check each and every part of both systems. All components are checked for better functioning.

o Supply of air
o Return and registers
o Heat exchangers
o Diffusers and grills
o Condensate drip pans
o Cooling and heating coils
o Fan housing and fan motor
o Air of the unit housing

• The well-trained staff of Intercool technical services L.L.C knows all details on why they have to be efficient in performing their job.

o It is their desire to bring good health to each human being.
o It is their concern to bring you the best services they could do such as:

To check if the unit is properly installed
See to it that the unit is well-maintained
To check if it is operated in the right way
To clean all components of the unit

To forget cleaning even a single component of the unit leads to re-contamination. You should be extra careful in choosing the company from which you will get your Ac Dust Cleaning Services. A single mistake is not considered a small mistake as it might cause allergies to the people who get the contaminated air from pollens, dust particles or other forms of debris. These simple allergies may lead to more serious illnesses. The lungs are the direct receiver of the poor air you get which may soon fail to function well.

• We would love to connect with you:
In the UAE where there is not much relief from hot weather throughout the year, you simply can’t work and rest without an efficiently working air conditioning unit. By installing a good A/C unit in your home or office, you can stay cool and comfortable even if it is blistering hot outside. Since air conditioning units also suffer from wear & tear or occasional breakdown, you need to choose good services for repair, maintenance, and replacement of your air conditioning unit or may be just a tune-up.

Getting rid of Moulds through effective AC Cleaning:

There are various causes for sickness that can be owed to air conditioners, unnatural coldness and moulds are among those causes. Mould, is that unwanted and notorious infiltrator that is nearly impossible to get rid of once it’s settled in your home and workplace. The most dangerous kind of mould is the kind that’s hidden. Since they are unseen and undetected, thus spreads rapidly throughout your place, increasing the degree of exposure of countless health problems to you and your family. If you do discover slight mould at low moderate levels, you can remove it through proper cleaning, exposure to sunlight, and through good ventilation. If you are unable to get rid of moulds yourself, then you can hire professional AC cleaning services from Intercool technical services L.L.C for the same.

On the other hand, detecting and removing mould is trickier if you have central air conditioning systems. Many of the people are ignorant about the existence of mould inside the air ducts and vents. If you are experience health ailments like cold, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, etc. then there are chances that you have mould hidden in your central AC system. Your AC unit is the perfect breeding places for mould due to the high density of moisture and dust.

This unseen attack on your health takes an additional toll if you consider the time you spend being ill, inclusive of all your missed days at work, money lost due to sickness — all of which can be prevented.

Clean your filter: Air conditioner filters are specifically designed and aptly installed to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. But as they accumulate these specimens, filters themselves can unintentionally become hosts to bacteria. Pollutants start building up and get collected in the filter so that when air blows on it, they scatter from the filter and into the air you breathe. Thereby desecrating the indoor air quality as well as the efficiency of the AC unit.

The best thing to do if you’ve central AC unit is to get professional Intercool services for efficient cleaning and disinfecting the AC unit. AC air duct cleaning as well as disinfection services are quite suggested for the health of your family. It is also essential to ask for an expert’s advice and services in this matter. You can simply rely on Intercool as it has all that it takes for maintaining healthy and clean homes, offices and other commercial spaces.